The "Educational Technology and Electronic e_Learning Systems " Laboratory, School of Technological Applications, TEI Athens, serves research and educational needs in the following subjects:

  1. Development of methodologies and empirical research to investigate processes of learning and acquiring knowledge in scientific fields of technical and educational applications.
  2. Design, implementation and utilization of technology supported learning environments, with emphasis on online, adaptive, intelligent, synchronous and asynchronous learning management systems.
  3. Development, testing and evaluation of educational software.
  4. Design and evaluation of several formal and informal frameworks learning and e-learning (e-learning).
  5. Utilization of Web 2.0 tools in education and younger.
  6. Design and development of Game-based and Mobile learning applications.
  7. Analysis and design of Lifelong Learning for technical and educational applications.
  8. Design, formulation and use of quality frameworks in education.
  9. Algorithms and educational data mining & management systems (educational data mining & learning analytics).
  10. Development and management of open educational resources and open repositories (open educational resources).
  11. Pedagogical training, promotion of applied research in educational technology and pedagogy.

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